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The End is Near: Tips for Packing Up Your Dorm Room

Hi Zags! As the academic year comes to a close we have last minute papers, exams, assignments, and projects coming up. Not to mention finals AND packing. Here are some helpful tips for packing up your dorm room to make things less stressful.


1. Start packing things up in advance (like, now). It can be stressful to try to fit time in to pack while you are stu-dying, so starting to pack things up early can help relieve some stress and free up some time.


2. There are many great thrift stores around Spokane that be happy to take the items you don’t want or need anymore. Packing early will also leave time for you to be able to sort through your stuff and take your giveaways to thrift stores.


3. If you are going home at anytime before the end of the school year, bring stuff home that you know you will not use. Moving out in increments is the way to go!


4. If home is not close for you, you can package clothes and other items up that you will be using over the summer and send them home.


5. Know where your stuff is going! If you have friends or family who live close by, ask about storing some of your college gear at their house.s. If not, consider getting a storage unit or sharing one with one of your friends.



6.Plan your outfits for the next few days so you can pack up other clothing items you won’t need before the year ends.  


7. Keep some of your clothes on hangers and zip tie the hangers together. Then put a plastic bag over the clothes.


8. The classic packing tip: roll your clothes up instead of folding them to save room.

9. Make use of all of the storage containers you have. This includes your backpack, suitcases, plastic drawers, and your laundry basket.


I hope you find these tips helpful as you push through these last few weeks. Good luck everyone and let the end of the year madness begin!




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