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The Benefits of Hot Yoga

If you’re like me and hate cardio, you probably have had a hard time finding an exercise that you feel is not absolutely agonizing, yet effective. I struggled for a long time finding an exercise that felt right for me. One day, my mom suggested I come with her to hot yoga, and I absolutely loved it! There are many benefits of practicing hot yoga regularly, here are just a few.

1. You will feel more in control of your emotions.

In hot yoga, the practice of self-control and concentration help balance emotions more intensely than any other exercises. I believe the heat accelerates the ability to concentrate, even more so than regular yoga. The regular practice causes the nervous and endocrine systems to come together in harmony.

2. Your flexibility will greatly increase.

The heat allows your body to stretch more then it would in a cooled room. The more you practice, the more flexible you will get! It can even be therapeutic—in some cases people with chronic pain have reported loss of pain completely after practicing regularly for only a couple months!

3. Your body will be relieved of toxins.

The heat allows your body to sweat out toxins that would be sitting, taking up energy in your body if you did not practice. Hot yoga has been proven to stimulate your body’s largest detoxification units, including the lungs, kidneys, intestines, and skin.

There are tons of local studios located near campus in Spokane that offer various forms of hot yoga. All are fun to try and I would strongly recommend trying it if you need a new exercise! Maybe you’ll become a yogi too!

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