4 Blogs to Follow in 2018

As a college student, there isn’t a lot of time to indulge in reading other than textbooks, but listed below are some of my favorite blogs that can be a nice change from the required reading most students have!  Plus, you can look into things you are passionate about - food, fashion, and travel, just to name a few topics covered by the bloggers below.  


Sivan Ayla

A successful blogger and fashion forward Instagrammer, Sivan has managed to create her own virtual world through style, makeup, home decor, workouts and travel. Her blog posts have most of her outfits and things she buys for her home linked to her posts, making it simple to find the things you like from her blog to make your own. Her approaches on lifestyle tips and tricks are realistic and creative if you need a little inspiration! 



Allegra Shaw

A vibrant Youtuber and avid blogger, Allegra keeps her followers and subscribers informed on style, workouts, productivity, and skin care. She has great lifestyle tips on her blog and YouTube channel, which are entertaining and useful. Allegra has workout routines that are very detailed and easy to follow. Her skincare routines are also helpful for anyone looking for a good facial. 



Margot Lee

A Syracuse sophomore, Margot also has a realistic blog and YouTube channel that are inspired around making the most of your college experience. Her great taste in fashion, skin care routines and overall lifestyle tips are great for inspiration for your own life at college. One unique thing is she's vegan, and she provides what to eat and why she chose this health lifestyle.


Shannon Barker

Shannon Barker is a model and blogger who wants to keep her followers and subscribers in touch with current health trends and tips and pursuing the things you love. She has recipes on her blog to help with healthier lifestyle choices. She also posts the playlists she makes on her blog!



These empowering women all offer their own unique lifestyle in appealing and informational ways on the Internet.  Their individual tastes can help inspire your own and help fulfill your everyday life!