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Why I Love the Steripod

Let me start this by saying, I am a germaphobe.  So, when I heard about a product that was supposed to protect your toothbrush and keep it clean, I was all for it.  The steripod is a clip on toothbrush holder that covers the bristles of the brush.  There is a small green packet inside the pod that holds the vapors which protect your brush against bacteria.  

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I absolutely love my steripod.  It doesn’t look weird on the toothbrush, so it isn’t obviously something other than a brush holder.  It does a great job of protecting the brush, is a super easy concept, and comes in a bunch of great colors.


My only complaint about the steripod is that it pops apart easily.  I am a clumsy person so sometimes I will drop my toothbrush and while the pop will not come off of the brush, the inside part holding the vapors will sometimes pop out and then I have to throw out both my brush and the pod as my brush will then be covered in green chemicals.


So, basically if you are a germaphobe like me, the steripod is for you.  Just make sure to not drop it!


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