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College, as Told by “Parks & Recreation”

Source: http://www.wired.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/parks-recreation-binge-f…

When you skipped a morning class because you were “sick,” but then later that day you see your professor on your way to another class:

Source: http://newimages.bwwstatic.com/upload10/938951/tumblr_nkjhr6ijAy1shjo9mo…

When your professor assigns a paper due on the same day as your exam:

Source: http://i.giphy.com/yRAAHNTBGegNi.gif

Regretting the fact that you convinced yourself that the gym was a good idea:

Source: http://i.giphy.com/O6p0jrypjfctO.gif

Sometimes the stress gets to be a bit too much:

Source: http://i.giphy.com/f1U1xXGAQ1zjy.gif

Hobbies are important:


Source: http://i.giphy.com/13LRdvpcGX6oN2.gif

When even your daily (or hourly) panic attacks won’t keep you from heading to breakfast:

Source: http://i.giphy.com/ZjZvbEhZ4UO4w.gif

When you see people in the dining hall with three leaves of lettuce and a cherry tomato on their plate:

Source: http://i.giphy.com/gcumBvL2xyPpC.gif

When your roommate kicks you out for the night:

Source: http://i.giphy.com/1ie1ld06i4UXm.gif

The college student’s mantra:

Source: https://31.media.tumblr.com/d1afbd8ae7a570362dbc867645a75974/tumblr_myaj…


Originally from the Greater Los Angeles Area, Nicole is a sophomore at Gettysburg College with a major in English with a Writing Concentration and a Political Science Minor. She is iinvolved in choir, a cappella, and the literary magazine on campus. Her favorite food is shrimp fried rice, her favorite book of all time is F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby and she loves corgis and cats.
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