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The 5 Stages of Finals as Told By “Modern Family”

1. Denial.

We all have become uncomfortably familiar with this stage of finals: regretfully putting off all your work until after Thanksgiving break, and suddenly realizing that you are easily, and undoubtedly, over your head in group projects, research papers, and presentations. To face this harsh reality or to procrastinate longer?

2. Getting down to business.

Finally getting yourself to sit on the silent floor of the library, or answer the week-long ignored texts for your group project, and start tackling the work load. Sleepless nights, microwavable dinners, sporting the disheveled look; all of these will become second nature to you during and approaching finals week.

3. The home stretch.

So close you can almost taste it. Due dates are just around the corner and you’re working on the final touches to your papers and projects. You’ve studied so much that you’re contemplating if your brain has already turned to dust or not yet.

4. Today is the day.

Debatably the most stressful and worst two hour time frames of your collegiate experience. Oh, the drama.

5. The biggest weight off of your shoulders; finals are over.

Packing to go home may be the greatest feeling in the world. One step closer to the holidays! A little over a month off of school is the best therapy you can get right now; friends, family, and home-cooked food.

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