12 Times College Students Related to Crazy Steve from "Drake and Josh"

We’ve all been there: you’re two quizzes and one paper deep into the week with at least one more quiz and another exam left. You’re running on the few hours of sleep that you scraped together from minutes in between classes and that quick nap you took with a textbook sitting on your lap. It’s only natural to become a little bit irritable.

For some of us, it’s possible to keep that crazy, sleep-deprived monster inside so only you can hear what he has to say. Others let him loose. One way or another, we can all relate to that feeling where everything and everyone stresses you out. During these crazy Steve moments, anything will set you off.

1. When your roommate takes your leftovers from the fridge without asking:

2. When someone says you should be doing work instead of socializing:

3. Calmly warning people that you’re not dealing with them today:

4. When your crush turns you down:

5. When you’re trying to have an actual conversation with someone but they just keep getting more and more drunk:

6. When your partners for a Spanish project are morons:

7. Justifying why it’s okay to eat pizza daily:

8. When you ask your teacher a question you know they have the answer to, but they turn it back on you:

9. Letting your friends know you’re aware they did something without you:

10. When you see someone talking to your crush:

11. Your friends know not to talk to you on Monday:

12. In general, when someone else is happy. About anything.