Talented Tuesday: Alexis Hampton

   Say “Hello!” to this week’s artist for Talented Tuesday: Alexis Hampton. Hampton is a nineteen year-old, sophomore originally from McDonough, GA.She is here at Georgia Southern majoring in Multimedia Journalism with a minor in Public Relations. Her birthday is September 15th which makes her a Virgo, and like most Virgos, she’s very hardworking, kind, and practical with her ideas.

  Alexis’s singing comes from a background of multi-talented friends and family. In our interview, she talks about how music is a key element in her family from being apart of the church choir, and with multiple records and CDs playing nonstop around the house, it was almost impossible for Hampton to stray away from the sounds. Alexis made it known that she has always loved to sing and wants to work on her songwriting skills so she is able to showcase her talents more on campus. However, she has emphasized that a career in singing may not be the ultimate goal for her. She describes herself as being a “jack of all trades”, seeing singing as more of a side hustle among many things she’s passionate about. 

   But, if you don’t see Alexis singing (she has participated in last semester's ‘GSU Idol’), you may see her around campus working events for the University Programming Board: a student organisation sponsored by the university that offers programs and providing quality and affordable events and entertainment for GSU students. Alexis is a general member at UPB but is currently applying for an executive position that covers Public Relations. In addition to being apart of UPB, she is also a radio host on Fridays at 12pm from the student-run radio station WVGS 91.9 FM.

     Alexis is very bright and sweet and from our interview, I can tell she will become a very familiar face across campus. Make sure to give her a ‘shout out’ because she might just return the favor!