Sorority Saturday


This week’s Sorority Saturday recognizes  Angel Hillman, Senior marketing major with a minor in fashion.


IG: @angel_nichole2


Her aspiration after college is to become a buyer or head of merchandise for a fashion company. Outside of school and serving her community, Hillman enjoys shopping, playing tennis, dancing, and painting. She has been a proud a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc since November 2017.



Although her mom is a Delta, she says that the decision was never pressed upon her. It wasn’t until her high school days that she really started to explore the idea of becoming a Delta. Her passion arose for the sorority when she joined programs founded by the Delta sorority such as Jabberwock  and G.E.M.S. Hillman's favorite thing about being a member of Delta Inc. is being with a group of like minded women who have a goals and want to help the community.

“It’s just really nice being a part of something bigger than myself… I really like the fact that we can impact other people,” Hillman said.