Shows I've Been Loving Lately

Over the last few months, I have been all into shows more than ever. Spending more time in the house just meant more time for Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, and HBO. So what have I been loving lately?

1. Lovecraft Country on HBO

With three episodes left in its first season. Lovecraft has become one of my favorite shows of 2020. There are so many twists and turns in this show that keep you on your toes. I love the mix of this show. It's magical and mystical, a thriller, filled with gore, talks about the African American experience in America, and so many other topics like sexual orientation and even gender identity. I find this show truly amazing. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves sci-fi shows or even if you do not like sci-fi shows I think it’s a groundbreaking genre-bending type of show everyone needs to see.

2. God of Highschool on Crunchyroll

Another one of those shows that just caught my attention and kept it. I happen to be an anime fan and this one recently has gained my full attention. It is currently in its first season and it is amazing for anyone who loves a tournament style, action-packed, emotional anime. The characters have depth and the storyline is amazing thus far. I have not read the manga, but my boyfriend has and he says there are a few differences but he loves both as well. I find it to be a great show to watch if you are trying to get into anime or if you have a significant other who loves anime. The shows only last about 20-minute and it is great to watch them with someone else who is into it as well.

3. The American Barbecue Showdown

Now if you are anything like me and can spend hours/days/weeks watching only the food network this is a show you would enjoy. I started this show thinking it would be cringy to watch and some mindless television to go to sleep to. Boy was I wrong; I love this show. It’s so exciting, informational, and lowkey heartwarming. I have gained an appreciation for barbecue; I have learned some tips if I ever were to barbecue. (and ohhh how I want to. I even looked up grills and smokers’ prices and that dream will not be happening anytime soon.) The contestants are hilarious and have great stories. I recommend this show to anyone who loves watching those cooking or baking competition shows.

4. Girlfriends

Oh, how great is it to be a black college girl watching shows you didn’t understand when you were younger. I love this show. I remember my mom watching it when she got home from work and me never understanding it. I find so much joy watching the unnecessary drama unfold and such cute storylines tragically end. My best friend and I have been watching this show for the last few weeks and we cannot get enough of it.

5. The Chef Show

In its second season, I love this show as well. I like learning tips from chefs because I happen to love to cook. My boyfriend and I watch this show together and it’s so nice to see different types of foods being made and learning techniques from different chefs.