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Are you tired of being the fly on the wall? Are you on the verge of putting your art of talent out for the world to see but are too scared to get the ball rolling? Do you feel like you could do so much more if you could just speak up? Are you constantly finding yourself feeling anxious when it’s time to speak or perform in front of a crowd? A lot of the times we are too nervous to be expressive because of the stress we put on ourselves over thinking every little thing detail rather than just going for it. You start thinking about what people will say, how they act afterwards, will they laugh, and all sorts of embarrassing outcomes until you discourage yourself from a learning experience. I actually have struggled with this in the past but recently I’ve truly adopted the YOLO lifestyle. I know being more vocal is easier said than done, so here are three things to consider in order to make this transition a little easier for you:

1. Personal Satisfaction


The first thing to consider when contemplating stepping out into the world is your own personal gains and satisfaction. Whatever hobby you pursue was initiated because it intrigued you. If you have a passion for your hobby, everything you do is done with the intention to learn or make yourself happy. If you are a singer, when you perform, it should be about how you feel when you’re on stage. Do you feel free? Is all the time you invested into practicing audible to your own ear? It should never be about what they think. What is for you, is 100% for you. No one has to understand or feel you, but it should resonate with you, always. If not, that’s when you make changes to meet your standards, not to please everyone else. Your first concern should be how did it make you feel? Were you satisfied with the finished product? Nothing beyond that really matters.

2. Nerve Triggers

I know that the idea of putting something close to you out for the world to see can be nerve racking but if you actually sit and identify what, specifically, is getting you worked up. Do you feel like you aren’t showcasing high quality art? If not, that just means you should invest more time into perfecting your craft. Are you worried about what people will say once everything is said and done? I know it’s hard to block out criticism but once you clear your mind and only accept constructive criticism, being open with your art gets easier and easier every time because you are now listening for advice to apply to your work rather than just acknowledging that someone doesn’t like what you’re doing. Whatever thoughts are deterring you from expressing yourself should be recognized and dealt with immediately for a better chance of controlling your anxiety on the subject.

3. Feelings vs. Outcomes

A lot of the times, our own minds can be our biggest enemy or obstacle, rather. When you are feeding into your anxiety, it seems easier to just continue to keep your hobby or thoughts to yourself rather than just opening up and putting it out there. You have to think about if you really want to spend the rest of your life missing out on opportunities because of what may or may not happen next. If this is something you are deeply fascinated by, something you’re enthusiastic about then you have to weigh your options. Are you really going to let a temporary feeling prevent you from revealing the creativity you were blessed with? Once you figure out the answer to that, the process becomes easier.


Once you consider these three factors of fear, you can tackle and manage all of your worries. You’ll get a better understanding of how dedicated you are to whatever it is that you’re interested in and decide if it’s worth overcoming your concerns. You will see what is actually important and be able to take the necessary steps to advance on your journey to creative freedom. With that being said, I encourage all artists/entertainers to let go, be free and see where it takes you. Best wishes everyone.


Jazzlyn Page

Georgia Southern '21

Sharing the things I think quietly with those that admire me
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