I Can't Stand the Rain

Actually I can, depending on the time of day.

  Of course everyone knows the phrase "April showers, bring May flowers" and there has been alot of showers lately. For some, this ruins get-aways and running errands trying to beat the harsh downpour, but for me, it's one of the only times I can actually put myself first. No distractions or destinations I need to get to, the rain forces me to stay in and catch up with myself. I can catch up on homework in my dorm without the sound of too many cars on the road, put on a playslist with the sound of the rain in the background (which unironically makes music a little better), and it really helps with my anxiety. I always find myself looking forward to stormy weather; there's less pressure to  meet up with others and try to be upbeat, a temporary hibernation that melds well with my mental state.  

    It's like some sort of magic really, I can be my most proactive while also being inactive. I get work done alot faster and afterwards, make a cup of warm caramel tea, heat up leftovers and watch a movie until I fall asleep. The sound of rain itself is very therapeutic. It's "white noise" blocks out almost all other background sounds, enough to engage the subconscious without causing disturbance.


    In addition to rain, alot of other nature sounds also help in relaxation. Wave crashes, birds and movement in rain forests, fire crackling,rustling leaves and wind chimes helps reduce stress. Rain symboloizes life, refreshing after a drought or scorching heat, rejuvenating and embracing what's to grow. And while overconsumption of bad weather does have it's negative effects, in frequency, it it very tangible and creates a peaceful atmosphere when I need it most (and if you haven't heard it's numerous samples, listen to Ann Peeble's "I Can't Stand the Rain").