How Should I Spend My Sunday?

It’s been a long week but you made it to Sunday! Pat yourself on the back because everyday tackled is a victory! You woke up and thought to yourself "What am I gonna do today?". Sundays are for self care and catching up! Sundays to me are peaceful, relaxation days. Lots of us like to party Friday and Saturday, however, I think Sunday serves as an important break for all college students.

Whether you’ve been partying all week or studying for tests and quizzes — Sunday is your free day. College can be such a hectic and chaotic transition, but it is very important to remember where you are and why you are. On Sundays, I always like to do something that makes me happy: whether it's baking something, watching movies or YouTube videos, or painting my nails. It is important to remind yourself that yes, you’re a college student but at the end of the day you’re a human with very valid feelings and you deserve to give attention to them. So if you don’t have anything to do on Sunday, give some time to yourself; give yourself some love. Read a book, watch a movie, anything that you want. I promise it’s healthy for you!


Another thing I like to do on Sunday is clean. Throughout the week it is easy to let our rooms get messy and cluttered, but Sunday is the perfect day to de-clutter. Cleaning your room not only gives you a clean space but it helps to clear your mind too. Studies show that if you clean your room you’ll be in a better mood as opposed to being in a dirty room. I personally always clean my bathroom on Sunday’s and I do any laundry that I did not do during the week. It always makes me feel good. It’s a feeling of accomplishment and a clean room just feels so much better to me.

Another thing that is good to do on Sundays is getting ahead on work for the week. Some people like to spend their Sundays not doing any work at all which is perfectly fine, but if you’re the type of student who likes to jump on assignments as soon as they’re assigned Sunday serves as a great day to get ahead without many distractions! Ultimately, you don’t have many responsibilities outside of work if you have a job. If you’re working on Sunday, props to you sis you’re doing it right! Sunday is also a great day to get to get active. Just taking a walk or going to the gym for 30 minutes is a positive task to squeeze in.

Moral of the story is that life doesn’t just revolve around college. Yes, that is our task right now and all that we’ve got going on, but remember to love yourself and take care of yourself! Remember why you’re in college and to trust the journey it’s taking you on! Do whatever you want on Sunday, after all it is your day.