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Freshmen Friday

Hannah Chukwura is a freshman here at Georgia Southern University majoring in Exercise Science and on a Pre-Med Track. Georgia Southern University was here first choice, but she knew it was where she wanted to be after attend SOAR over the summer. Her parents had an impact on her choice to attend GSU as they, “liked the location and the opportunities provided at this university,” Chukwura said.

As a freshmen it is common to be a little homesick as you are adjusting to a new environment. Hannah grew up in Marietta, Georgia, a suburban area in metro-atlanta. She is still getting used to being in small town Statesboro, and is making the best of it. She has made many new friends, has gotten involved, and brought out her entrepreneurial side, launching a business as a certified lash technician.

“I have always had a passion for mink extensions since I always have my lashes done. As college approached, I knew it was my chance to finally start my own business. So I chose to tap into the lash industry and become the CEO of LashAholic Minks. Starting off a business with no help can be difficult at first, but it can be very rewarding in the end,” Chukwura said.  Along with her lash extension business, Hannah has also gotten involved on campus. She is apart of Pushing for Success, African Student Association, and Phi Delta Epsilon GA Gamma Medical Fraternity.


Ambition runs in Hannah’s veins as she credits her family to her drive for independence and success as owning your own business runs through the family.

Staying organized is must when it comes to being successful and getting acclimated to a new environment. Hannah’s schedule varies so she plans out each day so she has time for clients and academic life. “The only difficult part with balancing my involvement in organizations can be when they all have events or meeting on the same day with the same time. Yet, I try to balance them out evenly.” Chukwura said.

As a freshman staying organized, getting involved, and making new friends is what it’s all about and are the things that can help you get through a life change like college.


Mikayla Ladson

Georgia Southern '22

I am a student at Georgia Southern University from Marietta, Georgia. My passion's are creative writing, being an independent women, and traveling. I am a Multimedia Journalism major with an interest in Spanish. I hope to become a travel writer or write for Cosmopolitan magazine. I love to read adult romance and poetry books, watch HBO, workout, listen to Miguel, and eat M&Ms.
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