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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Georgia Southern chapter.

Most of us have reached the fifth week of college and we are probably starting to feel the burn of our college and personal responsibilities as they begin to pile against our shoulders. Whether you are balancing school, work, and extracurricular activities, or if you are just focused on school, the workload can be overwhelming. So here are some tips on fighting against these anxiety-intense moments of the college experience!


  1. Don’t Compare Yourself To Others!

During these years of college, it’s crucial to admire your own success regardless of where your friends or peers might be. Appreciate where you are now and grow from there. As cliche as it sounds, we need to stop comparing ourselves to where others are in hopes that we will one day reach that. We all have our own paths, timelines, and goals. Embrace and appreciate those. You’re doing amazing babe!


  1. Know Your Limits!

Some of us are taking 12 credit hours, others may be taking 18 credit hours and some might be in the middle. Wherever you are you must know what your limits are for school, work, or extracurricular activities. Stretching yourself out will only cause more and more anxiety. 

And if you find yourself in the middle of being too stretched out, take a step back and reestablish what your limits are. Maybe you need to be taken off the weekend schedule at work or maybe you need to reevaluate your study schedule. Whatever that looks like, be sure you take time to establish what’s too much for you. Be gentle with yourself!


  1. Talk To Someone!

Sometimes anxiety sneaks up on us without us realizing it. It’s okay when that happens but make sure to address it as soon as you notice it. We all need to confide in someone who will understand or at least just listen and empathize with us. If you can schedule an appointment at your school’s counseling center, you should, as soon as possible. If not, a thirty-minute conversation with your mom or best friend will help you at least get the feeling off your chest.

Anxiety looks different for everyone. You may be more irritable than you normally are or you can find yourself with unexplainable sadness or worrying. Not everyone will experience a full-body anxiety attack, so do not invalidate what you’re feeling! 


  1. Reward yourself!

    Acknowledging the intense progress that you made is so important when fighting back anxiety. Rewarding yourself for the work you’ve accomplished helps you not only recognize what you’ve done but admire your ability in your work. Repay yourself with some food, a creative outlet, or even just watching your favorite show or movie. Choose yourself!


Alexis Badger

Georgia Southern '22

Hello everyone! My name is Alexis Badger and I am currently a senior at Georgia Southern University studying Writing & Linguistics with a minor in Multimedia Journalism. During my free time, I enjoy reading and posting on my reading blog (IG: @readwith.lex). After graduation, I hope to work on publishing my own work.
Jorden Allen

Georgia Southern '21

Jorden is a sophomore journalism major at Georgia Southern University. She grew up in Atlanta, GA and enjoys sleeping, eating and watching football! #southernneverstate #hailsouthern #gata