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Downton Abbey: Things Only Fans Will Get

As a huge fan of Downton Abbey, I thought I’d note the numerous shared fan experiences. 

These are:

1.) The moment you realize this…

Yes, Kemal Pamuk is Theo James from the Divergent series.

2.) When Cora’s face is like this…

3.) When Mr. Carson makes this face…

4.) When you sit down to watch a movie, and wonder why it’s so short. (Yes, Downton is a lengthy show, but worth the time)

5.) You never thought a dog’s butt could get you more excited. This tail wag signals the beginning of your weekend couch-time ritual. 

Believe it or not, there’s even a video that plays this on loop. 


6.) You may start to speak in accents, drink tea, and share bonds with fellow fans. Mine just so happens to be my Mom. (Yes, this is a screenshot of our messages) 

7.) All the fangirling you do because of these guys. I mean, ahem, these gentlemen: (I only put a few. I don’t want to overwhelm you.)

8.) When you realize how the characters look in real life. (Can we say dang Mrs. Patmore? she even looks astonished here haha)

9.) The Fashion

(It takes a team of costume designers from Anna Mary Scott Robbins, Susannah Buxton, Rosalind Ebbutt, to Caroline McCall just to name a few: If it weren’t for the remarkable story lines, the fashion alone would have me sold.) (check out pbs.org for more info.)

10.) And… Lastly, the hesitation you have when want to buy the next season but realize you’re on a college budget. 

(I can hear them speaking…)



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