Celebrate Yourself Her Campus Style

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

This week the ladies and some gentlemen at Georgia Southern University celebrated. The task was simple; students were asked to fill out a pink card and tell Her Campus what they were celebrating this summer and we would post them on our social media pages. 


The Her Campus Georgia Southern staff passed the cards out during our “Paint the Campus Pink,” weeklong event.   “Paint the Campus Pink,” is a Georgia Southern Her Campus staff creation where we pass out freebies from our survival kit and promote for Her Campus.

Our Favorite Cards

Many of the cards had similar messages some people were celebrating life, the end of school, graduations but some were really touching and unique.  One that brought tears to our eyes was a card written by an anonymous sorority sister of Morgan Bass.  Bass was one of the five nursing sisters and a member of Alpha Omicron Pi, who at only 20 tragically lost her life in a fiery car pile up in Savannah, on April, 22nd of this year.  The life and legacy of a fellow Eagle is always worthy of celebrating.

Some of the other unique cards were one written by a young woman, who was celebrating her six-year anniversary! Other distinctive favorites were more on an academic level, these cards celebrated: an internship, successfully completing the 1st year in college (we all know that can be a challenge for some), and straight A’s. The smiles and excitement we saw as these students filled out the cards were astronomical. We truly hope these students continue to celebrate more in the future and hopefully we will be here to celebrate with them.