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  Meet this week’s campus cutie: Jamie Lary. He’s a senior business management major and will be saying farewell next fall.  Jamie is from Stone Mountain, Georgia. Jamie has been pretty involved on campus, joining various organizations. He has been a part of Visage Fashion Company since his freshmen year; maintaining the president position for two consecutive years. He actually happens to be the youngest president that Visage has ever had. He is also the curator and creative director of Underground Exposure, an organization that allows upcoming designers and other people wanting to exposure their art a chance to be seen. Along with these two fashion organizations, Jamie also manages to be an active member of Kappa Alpha Psi and has recently joined Lawless Entertainment. He’s been everywhere and that probably explains why he’s had such an amazing time here at Georgia Southern. When I asked him about his experience here he said that he wishes he could do it all over again, but he wouldn’t change a single thing. He feels like he has learned quite a lot about himself and the people around him, accumulated a group of irreplaceable friends and has simply enjoyed the overall atmosphere here.

   Jamie is a firm believer of giving back to your community and encourages everyone to do so at some point in their lives. He also wants to encourage everyone to exercise their right to vote! Some other things that interest him are basketball, or any other type of fitness and traveling. He’s been to the Bahamas four times, Japan and plans on visiting China soon as well. I hope that all this traveling and everything that he’s learned here at Southern motivates him to be great as he takes course on whatever path he chooses to pursue after college. May his journey be filled with more blessings and lessons.



Don’t forget to come out and support Jamie and Visage this Friday at their Style Off. Tickets are $1, and you can’t beat that. The event will be held in the Natural Sciences Building, Room 1119. Be there or hear about it!

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