Campus Celebrity: Katie Dent

Name: Katie Dent

Hometown: Carrollton, GA

Major: Child and Family Development

Year: 4th

Organizations: Campus Outreach

Life motto: Bloom Where You’re Planted

Something you couldn’t live without: Coffee :D

Her Campus: What should people know about this organization?

Katie Dent: Campus Outreach is an awesome organization that has helped equip me to study the Bible, learn how to pray, and how to share my faith with others. This organization exists to glorify God by building laborers on the campus for the lost world.  

HC: What accomplishments have you achieved due to this organization?

KD:This organization has helped me grow closer to God.

HC: What are the perks?

KD: My best friends are involved in this organization. We have lots of fun together and I know that they are there for me.

HC: What all does it require?

KD: We meet every Wednesday in the Education Building and one of the staff members reads from the Bible. Everyone is welcome to come and it is a safe place to investigate who Jesus is.

HC: Advice to others in your major?

KD: Get to know your classmates and form study groups. Encourage one another and help each other complete homework and study for tests.  

HC: Random facts anyone should know about you?

KD: I was born in Africa.

HC: What other interests or hobbies to you have?

KD: I enjoy going to coffee shops, playing Ultimate Frisbee, watching movies, going on road trips, trying new foods, and playing games.