Campus Celebrity: Ethan Flynn '16


HC: What made you choose public relations as a major?

Ethan Flynn: I actually at first was an MMC major and I was going to do sports broadcasting but I had a change of heart and I decided I would go and speak to someone at career services. I spoke to Donna Lowe. She got to know me very well and what my strong suits were and she said I should look into public relations and from there on I decided I would do public relations.


HC: How have you seen yourself grow over time at Georgia Southern?

EF: I’ve seen myself grow from a not so sure freshman to a more poised senior in college who is ready to tackle a career in the PR field. I’m set on either Sports or corporate PR and I’m considering Healthcare as well.


HC: How has PRSSA impacted your professional career?

EF: PRSSA has impacted it in more ways that I can truly count. I started my sophomore year and I learned so much from the executive boards then until I was on the executive board and from all the people that were in and associated with the organization whether it be PR professionals, guest speakers, or people that I met in conferences.


HC: What are some of the benefits of being a member in PRSSA?

EF: Benefits of being in PRSSA start at your university it’s a representation of your character as a student, your desire to be a student to go above and beyond. By doing so, it will show PR professionals that you’re willing to work above the standard.


HC: What events have you gone to as a PRSSA member, which was your favorite and why?

EF: I’ve been to quite a few PRSSA events. My favorite was GSU’s regional conference where we we one of a handful to be selected out of the entire country of 300 chapter. We had over 10 guest speakers come and speak. Also, one of my favorite events was Prssa National Assembly where I played a hand in voting for the next National Committee and what the future of PRSSA was going to uphold.


HC: How was it to plan a regional conference?

EF: Time-consuming to say the least. With the basics of planning locations, to planning the exact time that speakers were going to present, and logistically getting everyone to those locations.


HC: What were some of the struggles you saw in planning?

EF: Struggles were making sure that everyone knew their roles. There was so much going on throughout the day that everyone had to be on their A game from the minute the start of the conference to the end.


HC: What are some of your recommendations for freshman students who are thinking of majoring in PR?

EF: I think it’s a career that offers people opportunity to really grow within the career. It's continually becoming an in-demand career through social media and the availability of the clients to comment. That goes for almost any sector whether that be a client in sports, or health care, they are needed to comment whether something has happened or is about to happen and they are expected to do that quickly and in a very timely manner.


HC: In the future where do you see your degree in PR taking you?

EF: My degree in PR will more than likely take me to, hopefully, the head office at a company I chose to work for. I believe that being a PR major you have to take on the responsibility of the company you work for, more so than any other employee, because you’re the voice of that company/client. I think that opportunity presents so many different people that can advance your career and therefore leading up to a higher position.


HC: Whatis your "dream job"?

EF: My dream job would have to be being a doctor. I think I would be a neurologist. I’ve dabbled and thought about healthcare all of college but have never been able to take the classes needed. I’ve always had an interest in all of the shows that revolve around people who can do what neurologist and doctors do. Savings live with your hands and brain is a pretty spectacular thing.


HC: So do you like grey’s anatomy?

EF: I’ve been on the Grey’s Anatomy train and  Grey’s Anatomy has also been a source of inspiration in my dream job.


HC: What is your advice for the females on campus?

EF: My advice is to speak up and have a voice. The area that we live in of the south there is more of a tradition of women not speaking up. Being in college presents such an opportunity to speak up, whether it be in class or different events or organizations more so than any other place, I think college is the place women really have to blossom and become true professionals. Just like their men counterparts.