90s Slang We Should Be Using in 2017


1. "As if!"

A classic public displayed of rejecting someone absolutely beautifully. Cher's emotions and hand movement's make this phrase the perfect thing to say to anyone who needs the back the heck up.

2. "Hella"

Hella is used in place of "a lot" , or "wow" in most cases. It's come back in pop culture somewhat but I think this one needs to stay.

3."Take a Chill Pill"

I remember the first time I heard this phrase in my life I was watching Bring It On Again and Tina says "Marni! Take a pill of the chill variety please!" It became an phrase I said constantly until my mother banned me from saying it because of how annoying I got.

4. "Bounce"

Used when you're about to leave a place, but must be said with tons of attitude.

5." Fly"

Something that is cool, or awesome. Something the cool kids of the 90s probably said a lot, or should I say the fly kids?


Someone or something that is actually crazy scary. For example, "Donald Trump is the US President? Damn, that nation is clowing for real".


Used to say something is great or cool. Disclaimer: use around your old folks cautiously. One time I told my dad that his new Nikes were dope, and he asked me if I was doing drugs lol 


Still used in pop culture, but mostly when referencing hip hop artist's beef with each other. 


Said whenever you're over something or showing indifference. "I got an 88 on my exam. Whatever, I still passed."

10. "Scrub"

Made popular from TLC's hit song " No Scrubs" and defined as "A scrub is a guy that think he's fine, and is also known as a busta. Always talkin' about what he wants and just sits on his broke ass." It's still sooooooo relevant.