Relaxing Social Media Accounts to Check Out

Midterms season is upon us with Spring Break offering a light at the end of a long and stressful tunnel. Even though studying is important, make sure to take breaks in between or you’ll burn out! To give your mind a distraction from all those Microeconomics problems and paragraphs upon paragraphs of Judith Butler, I’ve compiled a short list of some YouTube channels and Insta accounts that brighten me up.

1. Pocket Resort

Watching people cook is generally pretty calming for me. Watching somebody make tiny food is even better. This channel has a lot of cute videos showing the cooking process with miniature everything.

2. Bob Ross

Bob Ross is my go-to YouTube channel when I’m stressed. His laid-back attitude and soft voice help me forget about my frustration with my economics homework.

3. Pâtisserie française: La revanche des pâtissiers

This isn’t a YouTube channel. It isn’t in English either. But this documentary has attractive pâtissiers, classical music, and delicious French pastries, so I highly recommend watching it or putting it on in the background at least.

4. slimequeeens

Slime has been pretty big lately, so I thought it appropriate to include an Instagram channel dedicated to making and playing with these gooey messes.

5. thedogist

For the dog lovers out there. There are plenty of adorable dogs and the accompanying descriptions usually serve to put a smile on my face.

6. asmr.crackle

For those of you who enjoy auditory stimulation along with soothing visuals.