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How Do Hoyas Treat Themselves?

If you ask a Georgetown student how they’re doing, you will often hear responses that include words like “tired,” “busy,” or “overwhelmed.” These types of responses make sense at a school where highly motivated students are taking on a range of extracurricular activities, internships, and jobs, in addition to a rigorous course load. At the same time, Georgetown staff and students often spread awareness about how students can take care of themselves amidst their hectic schedules. As a freshman, I’ve found comfort in the multitude of self-care reminders around campus, from posters on bathroom stalls to quick chats with my RA and residential ministers. But sometimes, these generalized tips for self-care can come across as cliche or impersonal (I can’t even count the number of times I’ve been enlightened on the truly ~magical~ power of yoga).Self-care shouldn't be the same for everyone, and we shouldn't pretend that we can all take care of ourselves by simply setting aside twenty minutes for yoga or by eating a little extra chocolate every now and then. It’s important to take time to figure out the regular relaxation techniques that work for you, and it’s just as important to share those specific tips so that other Hoyas realize that taking personalized time for yourself is a #must. So to combat the overly-generalized attitude we sometimes take towards self-care, here are some specific ways Georgetown students regularly take care of themselves and occasionally treat themselves:Emma Huffman likes to go off campus to TJMaxx and Georgetown Cupcakes regularly to remind herself that her school life isn’t her whole life. It makes her happy when she can find the best deals and score some cute new clothes in the process.  Solveig Baylor takes care of herself by making sure to laugh. She watches comedy sketches that remind her not to take everything so seriously. She also treats herself to lemon bars because “they make [her] whole day.” Solveig sees treating yourself as a vital component to self-care.Hannah So takes care of herself by setting aside time to be creative. She goes to the MakerHub at Lau to create pins and other items, which she finds very relaxing. Hannah also makes sure to call her friends at home or to explore DC regularly, and she treats herself by finding new dessert places around the Georgetown neighborhood.
Winnie Wang runs on the treadmill at the gym several times a week to relieve stress and take care of herself. She also enjoys stretching or doing other light exercises at night.Katie Woodhouse practices self-care by learning sign language, which she is really interested in. Katie finds an escape from the pressures of school when she can learn something new in a less academic setting. She also treats herself by watching Sugar Rush on Netflix.Overall, self-care should be personalized and specific to our own interests and personality. If we continue to frame self-care in terms of a limited set of activities that are generally considered to be relaxing, we miss out on other equally productive ways to take care of ourselves. Let’s re-dedicate the “self” to self-care and recognize the merit in all forms of treating ourselves.
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