10 Things I Wish I Knew as a Freshman

With the end of the school year a few weeks away, I’ve been reflecting on my first year at Georgetown… so I came up with a list of the top 10 things I wish I had known as a freshman!

  1. You DON’T have to take calculus to fulfill your math requirement. If you’re like me and math is the ultimate bane of your existence, take the time to look into other options like the Math in Societies course! Also, use Classy by the Corp to help you with pre-registration!

  2. Fall in love with Lau. At the beginning of the year I hated Lau. I was totally turned off by its prison-like exterior, the levels confused me, and I just all around was not into it. But, Lau is the only place I can really focus (because it is so boring), so fall in love with Lau, even if you have to do it slowly.

  3. Don’t be intimidated. Really, don’t be. Nobody has everything figured out and if they try to tell you otherwise, they’re lying!

  4. It’s okay not to do everything. Georgetown students are notorious for being involved in everything - like everything. From sports to clubs to community service, there are so many great options at Georgetown. Still, it’s okay, in fact it’s probably better, to give yourself time to just enjoy being a student!

  5. Talk to a lot people. Everyone at Georgetown is here for a reason, so get to know them! My favorite thing about Georgetown without a doubt is the people. As cheesy and cliche as that may sound, students at Georgetown are some of the most fascinating, driven and kind people I’ve ever met.

  6. You don’t have to party to have fun. Some of my favorite memories I made this year have been movie nights with friends, late night chats (with ice cream), and exploring DC. Netflix and chill really can be the best option sometimes!

  7. It’s okay to make mistakes. Obviously, try your best not to and learn from mistakes, but it’s okay to not get an A or a B+ in a class, or to not get into a club. At Georgetown you’re surrounded by the ‘cream of the crop’- students who are smart and have a solid work ethic. Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed if things don’t go exactly as planned. You have four years and and eight semesters to make your Georgetown dream come true!

  8. There is no ‘normal’ freshman experience. Everyone’s freshman year is going to be different and filled with unique challenges and opportunities. Don’t compare your Friday night plans to what your classmates are doing. If you follow your heart and do what makes you happy, that’s a successful freshman experience!

  9. Dream big. You probably already know this one, but truly anything is possible at Georgetown. Explore every option, try something totally new and go hear guest speakers!

  10. You never stop falling in love with Georgetown. I thought I knew the magic of Georgetown, but there really is no place in the world like 37th and O. You will be amazed and overwhelmed by how much you can love Georgetown, I promise!