Will Things Go Back To Normal? Some Thoughts From A Collegiette

I’m worried too. 

There are talks of the mandatory social distancing extending until 2021, some even until 2022. What will this mean for me? Will this mean I will miss out on my college years, those same years that some swear are the best of their life? Will I be able to take the LSAT? Attend law school in person? What would a virtual graduate school degree mean to potential employers? What will it mean to the professional world in general? Is this situation proving to us that in-person business and classes are not necessary? How will this realization affect the world? 

I’m scared too.

I’m scared for everyone’s safety. I’m scared for my home town, which was one of the first areas affected by the virus. I’m scared about the lack of medical supplies. Video and images from the news, of over cramped hospitals, scare me. I’m scared of knowing of the past and having to hide that as we tread into the future. If the world’s culture, the way we approach schools, businesses, all that, changes, how will I remember and live the life I was accustomed to? I’m scared of letting go of the past, adopting a new future I might hate. I’m scared of burying my dreams, my Pinterest boards, and in exchange forging new goals. I’m scared I won’t get my dream job; I’m scared of having to break the promise I made to my seven-year-old self. 

I’m scared the future won’t even be what I am scared of, that it’ll be a whole different, unfathomable beast. These are extreme thoughts, but they scare me.

Whatever you’re worried, or cared about, we are in this together. The uncertainty is debilitating, it creeps up on you while you’re completing an assignment. The resentment manifests every time you access Zoom, every time you go through your camera roll to see yourself out and about. 

What’s important to keep in mind is that whatever is happening is for a reason. Religious or not, believing in fate, or trusting the universe, biology, the stars, is helpful. Viewing this as a freak event, one that is dooming us all will not be helpful, regardless of the arguments you can make in favor of that claim. 

I think that the best thing we can do right now is to work on ourselves. Not all that productivity stuff we see online- screw that. You do not need to do, make, or accomplish anything significant at all during this time. What we can do to help combat this fear and worry, though, is to reassure ourselves. To stay strong. Feel your emotions, however dreadful they are and however long it takes. But after, reassure yourself, until you feel secure again. Hug yourself. You deserve it. This is a scary time and you deserve it. Reassure yourself, because dwelling on the despair won’t do you any good. Do it for yourself, do it for your loved ones, do it for your younger self. Do it because you’re competitive and you refuse to let this situation win. Do it because you are important and you matter. Do it because those who care about you want you to. 

I know how hard this is, and we all do. Again, you are not alone. If you have to brave this new world, everyone will have to, together. It’ll suck for everyone! You are not feeling this pain yourself, and you won’t experience the pain of the future, of potential change, yourself. We really, truly are one, whether we want that or not. Let’s find strength in that. 

Good luck, collegiettes.