What Vine You Are Based on Your Star Sign, As Told by Two Vine Enthusiasts

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With a new year and the revival of Vine, it’s only right we analyze and discuss which famous Vine best suits you and all of your friends. Take a look below.

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January 20- February 18

Salma: You are the “BBQ sauce on my titties” Vine. Aquariuses don’t enjoy boring situations, so I think you would like to make any story you are telling interesting.

Molly: As an Aquarius, you also have a deep concern for your friends and you do everything you can to make sure they stay out of trouble. That’s what makes you the “Zach stop” Vine.Via PrintableParadise.com


February 19 - March 20

Salma: One of the things Pisces enjoy is music and I personally think that Zachary Piona’s Vine of him singing the Pina Colada song is a perfect fit for your musical personality.

Molly: Pisces also worry about how their actions might affect others. You feel the need to reach out and tell them what you’ve done wrong because you’re a worrier. That makes you the “I think your sister might be having my second son” Vine.


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March 21-April 19

Salma: Aries, you are open, honest, confident person which is why I believe you are the “You wanna be a dog, woof , you know.” This Vine is super confident about who you are and the things you can accomplish, no matter what your dreams are.

Molly: As an Aries, you’re also full of life and energy. You play hard and work hard, just like the “fork in the garbage disposal” Vine.


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April 20 - May 20

Salma: One of the many things that a Taurus likes is high quality clothing and looking nice. So I think that the “This is a Gucci household” Vine describes you as a lover of high end clothes.

Molly: A Taurus is dedicated and stubborn. You know what you want. That’s why you’re the “I want a church girl” Vine.


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May 21- June 20

Salma: As a Gemini, you are known to switch up your personality on people real quick and are very unexpected in your ations. The “There’s only one thing worse than a rapist” Vine describes how you be unpredictable.

Molly: Geminis love to be the center of attention. You want people to see your creativity while maintaining a light and positive personality. That’s what makes you the “I’m washing me and my clothes” Vine.


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June 21- July 22

Salma: Cancers are super emotional people and very sentimental, for this I chose the “So, no head?” Vine.

Molly: Cancers also have an offbeat sense of humor, which makes you the perfect “a potato flew around my room” Vine.


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July 23- August 22

Salma: Leos  are very confident, very vain, and love to be the center of attention. For this I chose the “Don’t ever call me ugly.” Vine. Coming from someone who is a Leo, I think it’s the most accurate one.

Molly: Good point, Salma. However, sometimes a Leo needs other people to praise them before they can accept self-worth, just like in the “if your name is Junior and you’re really handsome” Vine.Via Symbols


August 23 - September 22

Salma: Virgos are very detail oriented, and are the most misunderstood sign of all. For this I chose the “THAT’S MY OPINION” Vine.

Molly: Virgos are also pretty chill on the surface and not everyone realizes how much you have to offer. That’s why you’re the “I wanna be a cowboy, baby” Vine.


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September 23- October 22

Salma: Libras are strong leaders and are people who take initiative. This would make you the “subscribe down below” Vine.

Molly: As a Libra, you have a lot of self-awareness and you know what the universe is about. You’re pretty logical and you’re at peace with most things, spiritually. This makes you the “we all die” Vine.

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October 23- November 21

Salma: Scorpios are assertive people, very demanding and decisive. This would make you the girl in the “Chris is that a weed?” Vine.

Molly: Scorpios can be aggressive when provoked. That’s why you’re the “but when I come around you don’t wanna POST UP” Vine.


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November 22- December 21

Salma: Sagittarians are very optimistic and very determined, they will do anything to reach their goals. This makes them the “How did you defeat Captain America” one.

Molly: Sagittarians love trying new things, but if people don’t give you the time and space you need to do it then you will become irritable. That’s why you’re the “I can! I did one this morning” Vine.Via Pinterest


December 22- January 19

Salma: Capricorns are responsible, independent and very serious. They learn from their mistakes and accept no help from anyone. They are also know-it-alls. This would make them the “That is not correct.” Vine.

Molly: Capricorns are so intelligent that to others you almost seem emotionless and they might not understand you. That’s just because your mind is constantly moving and you’re always looking at the bigger picture. You’re the “iridocyclitis” Vine.

We take our job very seriously and hope you have gained a deeper understanding on your star sign, and maybe had a few laughs. If anything, we are grateful for the forever iconic Vine.