Valentine’s Day: My Family Tradition

A lot of times when we think of Valentine’s Day, we are instantly consumed with the idea of that your valentine must be your significant other. In my family, we are all each others valentines. Sounds kind of weird but it is sort of a tradition we uphold and have had fun doing for many years. Reading this give some insight on why you should love for your family members as well on this special day.

Every year on Valentine’s Day, my family and I shower each other with love. When I was younger, my siblings and I would wake up with our own cards, teddy bears and candy. Waking up or coming home to this would make our day instantly. We would share our candy with each other judging the silly characters on our classmates valentines. If anything, the valentines from our classmates or “boyfriends/girlfriends” could not compare to what our parents were getting us.

My family would cook a special dinner and watch tv together once my parents got back from their romantic adventure. Seeing my parents love for each other and my siblings made me appreciate love for everyone. Sitting around with them and just showing our love made me feel whole because to me family love is the best love…or maybe it was the fact that they came in clutch with the gifts since I did not have a boyfriend that year or maybe it was just the wholesome feeling. My mom, the best, is even sending me Valentine’s Day gifts up this year. She is really coming in clutch again since I am without my family and a boyfriend (still).

Valentine’s Day in a family do not necessarily mean getting each other gifts; it could just be saying ‘I love you’. I am huge family person and do not always acknowledge my love for them. So when this day comes around I really do tell them how much I do love and appreciate them. I also am notorious for annoyingly hugging all of them several times on this day. I believe this is something everyone should do, not just on Valentine’s Day but also on random occasions.

Family shapes us in ways we do not see all the time, so show your family a little bit of lovin’ this Valentine’s Day!

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