Tips for Moving Out During College

Moving out is a big step in anyone’s life. Whether it is moving out of your parent's house or moving off-campus during one of your college years- it is a big step. The first and most important step about moving out is creating a pros and cons list. Why are you moving in the first place? Will this move benefit you or will it just put another strain on the everyday life you take part in? Things to consider when building your pros and cons list are price, location, amenities, and so much more.

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The next thing to look into is seeking a suitable location for your new home. How far are you willing to drive to get to school, to work and to your nearest shopping center? Especially if you do not have a car, finding a place within walking distance of school would definitely be considered as a priority. When I moved off campus, I knew that driving thirty minutes to get to school was not a big issue because I was only on campus about three days a week and at my new location, I would only be 15 minutes away from my workplace. Depending on where you move to, many residence areas or apartment complexes have amenities that you have access to. An important quality for you might be having access to a pool or a gym at your convenience, however, it might not be as important if do not enjoy swimming.

Next on the list is whether or not you decide to have a roommate. A big reason why people decide to move off-campus is to have their own space and not have to share a space with someone else, however, having a roommate could ease the anxiety associated with moving or living in a brand new place. Also, having a roommate does not mean they have to share the room with you, they could be a housemate that will be able to help with bills and relieve your wallet.

After figuring out how many people you will be living with, it is important to set a comfortable budget. Remember to consider all expenses: utilities, groceries, rent, car payment, insurance, phone bill and other various expenses. You may not be in charge of all these expenses, however, it is good to have an overall idea for the future and so you know how much you need to set aside each paycheck. With all the expenses in mind, you want to ensure your wallet is strapped and you have no money to treat yourself after a stressful week or in case of emergencies.

Lastly, once you pick your place, your roommates and organize your budget, make sure you make your new place feel like home. One idea is to seek for “free stuff” deals on Craigslist or Facebook market. There are always new posts of all different types of furniture people are trying to get rid of! Be sure to check out yard and estate sales, but beware of what you buy used. I would recommend buying a new couch and a new mattress. You can usually find cheap bed frames and tables online that people do not want anymore. Remember to hang pictures and personalize every room, this will be your new house: your new home.

Good luck finding your new home, collegiettes!