5 Tips for Getting Along with Your Roomie

For most of us, college is the first time we have to share a living space with someone besides our immediate family. I was lucky enough to have an amazing freshman year roommate who instantly became one of my best friends, but many people I know weren’t nearly as lucky. Here are a few tips on how to get along with your roommate, even if you don’t end up becoming BFFs.

1. Invite them to hang out outside of your dorm

Most of the time spent in your dorm will be doing homework or watching Netflix to be completely honest. Try inviting your roomie to grab lunch at Panera or go out to the movies together, you’ll be able to get to know each other a lot better outside of your stuffy dorm room.

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2. Make a cleaning schedule

The dorms at Mason are about the size of a shoebox and get messy incredibly fast. Make a vacuuming schedule together and do your best to keep your side clean, or at least keep your mess on your side of the room.

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3. Roommate agreements

Your RA should have you complete a roommate agreement together at some point within the first few weeks of school. It includes things like what temperature the room should be and how often the trash gets taken out. Sticking to these agreements will make your living situation a lot less stressful.

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4. Remember, you DON’T have to be best friends

Again, I was lucky enough to instantly become best friends with my roommate. This does not, and likely will not happen. Find a way to peacefully coexist and get along with one another. If you’re friendly, things will hopefully go smoothly.

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5. If you have an issue, talk it out

Instead of hopping on Twitter and complaining about your roommate not taking out the trash (again), just try and talk it out. If the problem continues after you’ve had a conversation about it, you can try other methods like getting your RA involved as a last resort to keep the peace.

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Good luck with your roomies and have a great first semester!