Thank You Pinterest

Like many college women, I have a Pinterest. I used it in high school for fun making boards for clothes and house I want and etc, but recently it has become immensly useful. This year I am living off campus and have never really cooked before now. I'm not bad at it but have little experience and limited cook books. Pinterest has become my virtual cookbook and I don't know what I would do without it. I now have the ability to just type an ingredient and have hundreds of recipes pop up all on one screen. I was very nervous at first because of the constant stream of Pinterest Fails that show up on social media and thought that maybe none of these recipes were any good. I can happily say I've only had one failure and it was using cake batter to make pancakes (I don't recommend doing it because you will be very sad you wasted all that cake batter). I have taught myself how to make basic staples like meatloaf and baked ziti. I have found a stellar Garlic Knots recipe that is super simple and has become my favorite thing to make and to bring along to potlucks. An added bonus is it makes me seem super talented in the kitchen. Pinterest has allowed me to get a little crazy with my cooking and go down routes I wouldn't normally tread. It has made what I thought would be a daunting task into something I really love doing. It is by far the best thing you could have as a person living on your own for the first time and have no idea where to start. So go for it and download it if you don't already have it or if you already have one, try all those recipes I know you have pinned.