Surviving Valentine’s Day After a Breakup

I haven’t listened to a single love song in the past two and a half months. An entire day dedicated to love, relationships and romance? Count. Me. Out.

Even if you’re the one that does the leaving, it’s nearly impossible to throw out an entire year worth of your life with someone as if it were nothing. I’ve gone through crying until I couldn’t anymore, blind anger, breakup playlists, talking to a counselor and processing the fear of what will happen next. Although I’m doing a lot better now and it crosses my mind less and less every day, the love in the air is enough to make me want to hide in my dorm room until it’s over. Here are the survival tips that are getting me through the *season of love* when you’re just not feeling it:

1. Forget about the entire holiday

Spend your day studying, getting ahead in school work, at the gym or indulging yourself in a hobby you haven’t really had much time for lately. Whatever you do, don’t check your social media for Instagrams of dinner dates, candles, roses and adorable couple photos from people you barely even spoke to in high school. If you get on Netflix, avoid any rom com or Nicholas Sparks movie - stick to funny, scary or anything else that won’t make you wish you were the star of a Hallmark Christmas movie.

2. Find ways to love yourself

Being as introverted as I am, sometimes I prefer to just keep to myself for an extended amount of time. My friends may find it frustrating that I go off the grid for a few days every now and then, but it’s healthy to take time for yourself. Typically. when I take a night to take care of my body and mind, I hit the gym for a light workout then draw myself a hot bath, taking time to relax and soak. Then I’ll rehydrate my body with plenty of water and cook a nice pasta dinner with a fruit salad for one. The perfect ending to a good night is curling up on the couch with a cup of tea and watching a few episodes of my favorite show.

3. Call the people that love you

Call your parents, siblings or high school best friend. A 10 minute phone call with someone who knows you as well as you know yourself will remind you of how close you can be with people you haven’t seen in months, no matter the physical distance. If you don’t already have Galentine’s Day plans (which you definitely should), invite a few girlfriends over for facemasks and wine to remember how much the ladies in your life love you.

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4. Don’t check up on them

Just assume social media is your worst friend this Valentine’s Day season.  Even if you feel as if you’re on good terms, you don’t want to know if they took some new person out to your favorite restaurant or if it’s a drink away the pain night. Furthermore, any late night phone calls or texts are best ignored.

You may be nursing a recent heart break or just not 100% healed from something that happened months ago. It could have been a serious commitment or a crush that never got as far as you’d like, but no matter how you celebrate (or don’t), make sure that the #1 Valentine in your life is yourself, collegiettes.