An Open Letter to the Next Man I Love

To the next man I love: thank you. 

For some reason, you have brought me out of the isolation and pain I experienced from my last relationship. You have opened up a side of me that I wanted to keep hidden away forever because the last person who came in left it wide open and didn’t have the courtesy to close the door. 

Thank you for allowing me to be myself. For loving me equally or just a little bit more than I could give. Thank you for being there through the tears, the selfishness, and the hurt that still lingers from the past. 

You helped me grow in some way. You gave me a new experience and a new journey. You loved me and made me feel loved even when I thought there was no more love in me to give. You let me live the life I thought I would never experience again.

Thank you for the kisses, the small hand and body caresses, and late-night talks about what the future holds. For letting me talk about where I want to go in the world without invalidating my dreams and aspirations. 

You give me hope. You give me the opportunity to dream even when I thought I couldn’t dream again. You gave me the patience and the time to soak up life with you in it, so I won’t fear that I will ever be alone again.

Thank you for the journey through time. You gave me the opportunity to find myself through the passion. To explore myself in my most organic form with no regrets. You provided me with the wisdom to change even when I thought I was all right. 

You helped me be unselfish. You gave me the chance to love someone else again even when I thought it wasn’t there. I have learned through this that love comes in many forms and expressions through you because you’ve made it possible. 

But most importantly, thank you for letting me love myself. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to see Bri for who she is and not let her fall in the deep depths of love to the point where she puts you first before she does herself. You recognize she’s first through it all, and you appreciate that because you can’t let her hurt herself again. 

Thank you,