Nice For What?: Drake’s New Female Anthem

On the hit show “Insecure” an exchange between characters Daniel and Issa went something like this:

                         “Every black girl that went to college loves Drake.”

                         “You know, he just really gets us!”

This is most definitely a conversation I can relate to and something I quote all the time. Drake is such a gem that we don’t deserve and we are so grateful for the constant stream of hits that don’t stop.Via Giphy

On April 6, 2018 at 11:30 p.m. Drake dropped a song that would become every woman’s summer anthem. “Nice For What” is a song that screams women empowerment and I don’t even think that was Drake’s intention. This song has quickly become a new fave. It’s now on gym playlists, shower playlists and getting ready playlists. I know my friends and I have had it on repeat for quite sometime ourselves. It has a beat that makes you feel good and want to dance no matter where you are.Via Giphy

The song features a sample from my personal favorite artist, Lauryn Hill, and her 1999 song “Ex-Factor”. It has New Orleans legend Big Freedia providing both the intro and the bridge. You may have heard Big Freedia’s voice before when she was featured on Queen Beyonce’s “Formation”.

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“Nice For What” is an anthem that questions why women always have to “be nice.” Why are women always expected to smile at everyone in their path and be nice to everyone they meet, especially men? Drake discusses how he appreciates what single women and women everywhere are bringing to the table these days. Their bills are paid and they are living their best lives. He also talks about how often times women work 8-9 hour days and how they deserve to go out with their friends on a Saturday night and live it up!

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The video for “Nice For What” adds a whole other element of greatness to the song. The video features 16 famous women from all avenues of life. Comedienne Tiffany Haddish, dancer Misty Copeland, and actress Emma Roberts are just a few of the women that are featured in the video. America’s new sweetheart Letitia Wright , who stars alongside Chadwick Boseman in the blockbuster film “Black Panther”, is also featured in the video and the bridge. Actress Yara Shahidi, who recently was accepted into Harvard, is also featured in the video sporting a Harvard hoodie representing for girls working hard in schools all around the country.Via Giphy

Finally, “Nice For What” represents a new era of Drake. In a video released earlier this year Drake traveled around the state of Florida handing out lump sums of cash to unsuspecting citizens in a stream of random acts of kindness. As we await the anticipated album “Scorpion,” supposedly dropping in June, “Nice For What” will for sure stay on repeat. As a fan, I am excited to see where this new positive Drake takes us.Via Giphy