5 Habits All Women Should Commit to for Spring Cleaning

Via Harpers Bazaar

It’s not uncommon to find ourselves in a bit of a rut around spring. The flowers are blooming, the weather is getting much nicer and our fears about what we’re doing during the summer (or post-graduation for some of us) feel foreboding. It’s completely natural to use this period of good-weathered terror to clean up and feel refreshed. However, here’s a list of other habits that might be useful to get rid of along with those shorts you wore in middle school.

1. Unnecessarily apologizing

On average, women apologize much more than men. While the reason behind this is up for debate, a study by Psychological Science found that women apologize more than men because our threshold for what we deem an offense is much lower than male’s. Speaking on my own behalf, apologizing comes out habitually whether it’s sincere or not. The cliche that Canadians have for apologizing is conservative compared to the amount I utter the words “I’m sorry.” While these words seem minor, the gravity of the matter is much more problematic. Language matters and by apologizing for every “wrongdoing” we’re often invalidating ourselves. So next time you are about to apologize consider two questions. 1). Did I actually do something wrong? 2). If I didn’t feel like I did anything wrong, do I really want people to think that I’m sorry for it?Via Occidental Dissent

2. Judging your own or other women’s sex lives

As women we’re taught to cater our appearance to the male gaze but we’re judged if we actually follow through with any actions. Tina Fey touched on this years ago in Mean Girls when she said, “You have all got to stop calling each other sluts and whores. It just makes it okay for guys to call you sluts and whores.” While that reasoning is slightly flawed, it points out that we as humans have absolutely no right to criticize the way someone uses their body. Women are systematically under enough scrutiny so adding more promotes its continuation. Via Thickly

3. Saying yes to other people and no to yourself

Women are taught to be perpetual people-pleasers. We’re raised to believe that if we want it all we have to do it all. However, we need to remember that our first priority is ourselves. Before committing to something, remember that if it takes a toll on you then it isn’t worth the additional stressors. There’s no point in wearing yourself thin in order to please others.Via Buzzfeed

4. Having an unhealthy outlook on food and your body

Each era has a different craze and today is no exception. The era of “Fitspiration” is well-underway where women check instagram only to be reminded of unrealistic bodies they’ll never have. Smoothie diets and other unhealthy tactics have been employed in the female’s quest for the perfect body. Negative self-talk and seeing food as an enemy is a huge culprit in body dysmorphia. This spring try to cut back on the negative self-talk and appreciate the bodies you have. Exercise to celebrate your body’s abilities rather than to punish it with deprivation of food or workouts that have negative intentions behind them. Via Broke Millennial

5. Feeling like a fraud for accomplishing something

Imposter Syndrome refers to when an individual is unable to internalize their accomplishments. Instead, they live in fear of being exposed as a fraud. Unfortunately, the imposter syndrome is rampant among women as society has taught us that our success is lesser than our male counterparts. To break this habit, try to reframe your story and remind yourself of your accomplishments and worth. Via My Sassy Business

All this being said, remember to enjoy spring and use it as a chance for renewal. As spring is a time for rejuvenation and cleansing, think about breaking these habits we adhere to so closely. You might be surprised at how empowering the outcome is.