Mason Formal Recruitment: 7 Weekend Essentials

Recruitment weekend is long, overwhelming and blister-inducing, but entirely worth it when you get to run home to your new family. To survive the weekend, consider packing these essentials to help you power through and keep your smile:

1. Portable phone charger

Going through recruitment, I made sure to write notes down after each room in order to make the best possible decision for myself. Also, whenever when we had small breaks I would check up on social media and read emails so my battery suffered. Keeping a charger on me guaranteed my phone was always on full battery and made for an ice breaker with girls in my Rho group if they needed to charge their phone as well.

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2. Deodorant and body spray

You may think you applied enough deodorant before recruitment, but trust me, walking around campus to the different rooms means you will sweat. A LOT. Keeping a travel size deodorant and body spray stashed in your bag comes in handy when you feel like you need to freshen up.

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3. Compact mirror

The few minutes you get between rounds will consist of you running between parties and reflecting on what you just experienced. Instead of wasting valuable moments trying to elbow your way to a mirror in the bathroom, keep a small mirror on hand. Share it with girls in your group as an ice breaker. Some of the best Panhellenic friends come from the girls you meet during your first weekend in Greek life.

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4. Snacks

Once I was on the sister-side of recruitment, I knew the value of a skirt with pockets and my stashed goldfish. Keep small snacks that you can eat quickly such as granola bars, dehydrated fruits (delicious and healthy) and make sure you drink plenty of water!! You’re going to be walking around and doing so much talking, your body will thank you.

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5. Setting Spray

The rooms get hot, and walking around campus, you’ll sweat a lot. To make sure your makeup looks on point for the rest of the day, use a setting spray. I personally liked to use Urban Decay De Slick Oil Control Setting Spray, which controls shine while keeping your makeup looking amazing. If you don’t want to splurge on an expensive setting spray, NYX has some affordable (but still amazing) sprays. Plus, you can find them nearby at drugstores. 

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6. Band-aids and a friction stick

Again, you’re walking a lot and by the time you get to day 3 (Preference day), your feet are killing you since you most likely are wearing heels. Bring band-aids and a friction stick to prevent your feet from rubbing and hurting.

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7. A positive attitude

The weekend will drag on and you’ll probably be a whole new level of sweaty. Be open-minded and excited about the opportunity to meet so many empowering women. It will all be worth it in the end!

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Good luck this weekend, collegiettes!