#ITriedIt: I Made My Own Palette With ColourPop

Recently I’ve been trying to teach myself how to do my makeup. More specifically, I’ve been wanting to learn how to do makeup looks with eyeshadow. When I heard that ColourPop had a service where you could build your own makeup palette, I decided that I needed to try it. So naturally, I hopped online and started the process of making my own custom palette!

The way that this service works is by going onto their website and clicking the tab titled “build your own palette.” Once on that page, you’ll see the option to pick either a large or a small palette and even further, decide if you’d like all eyeshadows or a combination of eyeshadow pans and cheek pans. The pricing is different depending on if you would like a large palette or a small palette. Currently, they have a sale going on where the large is $45 and the small is $24, they’re regularly double that price, but I’ve heard that the company repeats this sale every few weeks. I ended up selecting a large palette with three cheek pans and 12 shadows so that it could be an almost all-in-one palette, perfect for trips out of town.

Via Colourpop website 

After you’ve decided the type of palette you want you then get to do the fun part of picking your eyeshadows and cheek products. The options that ColourPop has is organized into several different sections. The eyeshadows are broken up into categories of matte, metallic, duochrome, and glitter shadows. They have a very wide range of colors that you can pick from in order to make sure you get the perfect palette. Everything you can think of from nice neutral tones to some really vibrant colors are available for you to select. They also seem to add and switch them out fairly regularly so you get a wide variety. 

Once you’ve chosen all of the products you want, you pay for it and wait for it to ship! When it arrives, that's when the real magic starts! It arrives in a box disassembled, the palette’s box is magnetic and all the pans are as well. Each pan is packaged individually so that they stay intact and don’t spill everywhere. Once you unwrap them all you get to layout your palette the exact way you want. This is what mine turned out looking like.

Image courtesy of the author

The colors are also super pigmented, so that’s just one more plus to this awesome process! Another bonus is that you can purchase individual magnetic pans of eyeshadows and cheek pans, so if you run out of one color or decide you want to switch a few out you can do so very easily! Overall, I would definitely rank this a 10/10. I tried this experience and if you’re interested I would totally go for it so you can create some super awesome looks.

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