I Watched ‘Insatiable’ and It Was Worse Than I Expected

One of Netflix’s most controversial shows, Insatiable, recently got renewed for a second season despite the backlash it received. The show follows the story of Patty Bladell, played by Debby Ryan, through her journey of becoming thin after spending the summer unable to eat solid foods because of having her jaw wired shut from a fracture.

I knew this show had received a lot of backlash before it even aired so I was curious. I mean, it couldn’t be that bad, right? WRONG.

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Patty is completely revenge-obsessed, and she even admits to it on multiple occasions. From almost setting a man on fire because he fell asleep before they could have sex to giving Coralee, played by Alyssa Milano, a necklace that Bob, played by Dallas Roberts, gave to his mistress years ago just because she didn’t want to go to dinner with her after the pageants they competed in together.

The show also using a term that I, along with many other outraged people, find incredibly problematic: “Skinny is magic.” As someone who’s struggled with weight and often finds herself in the “plus size” clothing section at stores, I have a LOT of issues with this phrase. It makes it seem as though only good things will come to those who are skinny and that is not, or a least should not, be the case.

There’s also a wide variety of homophobic comments made throughout the show, such as Bob saying that bisexuality is made up, despite the fact that he discovers later in the season that he himself is attracted to both his wife and Bob Barnard. People who identify as bi often find themselves being ignored by the community entirely or put down by people telling them their sexuality is not valid and they’re confused. This just adds to the stigma.

Adding onto the homophobia, Patty outs Bob when she reveals his affair with Bob Barnard. Coming out should be something personal that every person gets to do for themselves when they feel the time is right. At this point, Bob was still trying to wrap his mind around his new feelings and wasn’t even sure if he felt the way about Bob Barnard. Patty takes this away from him and ruins a lot of lives in the process.

Other things that happen in this show include Patty murdering two people in the season finale, false accusations of Bob being a child molester, Patty pushing a paraplegic girl out of her wheelchair (the girl was faking it, but it was still uncalled for considering she had no proof), statutory rape and many, many other incredulous things.

While the show is meant to be a satire, it all goes way too far and is not funny in any way. It brings up a lot of important issues but doesn’t talk about them in the way we should be, such as eating disorders, sexuality and other topics. Despite all of this, Netflix just picked the show up for a second season, set to air some time next year. Hopefully the show will end up being better and more sensitive to the topics it covers next season, but I honestly can’t see that happening.