I Tried It: FabFitFun

Shopping stresses me out. Seriously. I love the idea of getting new clothes or new makeup, but every time I walk into a store, I tense up, my head starts hurting and I feel completely overwhelmed.

Every time I scroll through Pinterest (literally my favorite app), I find ads on ads for subscription boxes of all different kinds. One day, I decided to just click on the first link I saw and I immediately ~fell in love~ with the idea.

Subscription boxes are a monthly/quarterly service that send you products that are specially curated for different things. Makeup subscription boxes? Check. Candy subscription boxes? Check. Wine subscription boxes? Check. If you’re like me, you’ll appreciate the fact that you can get great quality products without even leaving your house.

My favorite? FabFitFun.

This subscription service is $49.99 per season (spring, summer, fall, winter) or $179 for the annual plan. It seems pricey, but in reality, these boxes have great products that are valued at over $250.

Some of the products in the box are articles of clothing, like this scarf ($98), beanie ($49), or this ruana ($54). And the best part is, you’ll always be up to the latest trends!

Some items in the boxes are also fitness related, such as this duffel bag ($59), water bottle ($35), post-workout massage oil ($29.50), and this hot/cold gel pack ($15). Hopefully, these cute products will motivate me to go to the gym. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

 Other items are skincare related, which is super important considering WINTER IS COMING. My favorite products from the picture below include this exfoliator ($58), cuticle oil ($12.50) and eye cream ($29).

These eyeshadow palettes are by far some of my favorite products that I’ve received from the FabFitFun boxes. They are nicely pigmented colors and I love how each color is an empowering word to describe women!

I’m also a sucker for cute necklaces, and FabFitFun always comes through! I love these super cute items:

Ceramic Jewelry Holder

Rose Gold Necklace

“Happy” Bar Necklace

Mystic Bar Necklace (unavailable)


I’ve even gotten art products in a couple of the boxes! (Colored pencils and paint/brushes not pictured). The nature coloring book is currently on sale for just $5!

 Last but not least, this lotion has to be my all-time FAVORITE product I’ve gotten from FabFitFun. It smells ~heavenly~, and costs $22.

FabFitFun also makes sure to create beautiful news magazines for each seasonal box, and they cover the products inside as well as styling advice and lifestyle articles! (The fonts and layout are seriously so cute. *heart eyes*)

FabFitFun is one of the best expenses I’ve set aside in my budget, considering I get to have hundreds of dollars worth of products for only $49.99. Subscribing actually helps me not spend money here and there on random impulse purchases throughout the season.

So, would I recommend investing in a FabFitFun subscription?

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