How to Slay Your Friendsgiving this Year

Though we love our families, most college girls can admit that the best thing about coming home for Thanksgiving break is Friendsgiving with all of your BFFs. The food,the fun and the decor top everything else. However, making sure all those are ~on fleek~ can be hard when you’re ballin’ on a budget. Here are some tips to help make those dollars go a long way.

Scour the Target dollar section

In general, you always score when you shop at Target. However, the best place in that whole entire magical market is the teeny section you see as you step in the front. This section always has THE BEST cheap decorations, perfect for your festive, but tight budget needs.Via Giphy

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Skip the turkey

Face it, there will be so much food at your actual Thanksgiving that you’ll probably be tired of all the traditional foods like turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce. Plus, meat can be expensive, and skipping that part of the meal is better for the environment anyway! This way, if anyone in your party is vegetarian or vegan, everybody wins!

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Via Giphy

Gotta have the Insta pics

To make sure all of your followers know you had a bomb Friendsgiving, you absolutely must have quality content to post about it. For a quick, cheap background, cut a side off of a large cardboard box and cover it with your fanciest wrapping paper. Hang it on or stick it to a wall with fishing wire or tape!Via Alexis Whitted

Share the wealth and go potluck style

It’s simply not fair or cost-effective to have one person make all the food. Have each person bring a dish-or an ingredient- to share! My friend group usually goes pretty simple with pasta and fixings. This is perfect with five people- one person gets noodles, one gets sauce, one gets bread, another gets green beans, the last brings dessert. Voila!Via Vegan Eats and Treats

Board games- no, seriously

When you run out of stuff to talk about and you find yourselves browsing Twitter, remind yourselves that you are there to catch up and have fun. Hang up and hang out! Board games may seem like they are out of style, but if your friend group has a competitive edge, this might be the most fun you’ve had in awhile. My current favorite to play is called A Ticket to Ride. The rules are bit too complicated to explain here, but I can say one thing- I apologize in advance if your friendships are ruined over this.Via Giphy

Your friends from home will be ~amazed~ with your homemaking skills and the whole town will be talking about this Friendsgiving for years. Don’t worry- you’ve got this.