How Long Should You Be Keeping Your Makeup?

We all have that one eyeshadow palette we adore and hold onto until we hit the pan in nearly every shade or a discontinued blush we just can’t part with. Could keeping makeup for too long be causing major issues for your skin?

Learn the symbols

On the bottom of nearly every makeup package is a tiny symbol with a number indicating how long you should keep the product before throwing it out. For example, anything saying “12M” is good for approximately a year while mascaras have a life span of about “3M” or three months” Although these are recommendations, they’re important to listen to when dealing with eye makeup to avoid accumulating bacteria.

Eye makeup versus face makeup

Eye makeup will have a shorter shelf-life than your typical foundation or pressed compact. Nail polish is good for up to two years or until the mixture begins to change tones and accumulate sediment in the bottom of the bottle that won’t mix when shaken up. Lipsticks thankfully last 1.5 to 2 years when properly taken care of by leaving the lids on.

More than makeup

Your favorite hair products, lotions and face washes have expiration dates too! Shampoo and conditioner last approximately one to two years depending on the brand. This means you can buy your favorite brand in bulk and save some money!

The dangers of sharing

It may be tempting to borrow your roommate’s amazing new eyeliner that seems to stay in place all day, but it’s not worth it. Sharing any type of makeup can lead to staph infections and major acne breakouts. Save up and buy your own rather than spend money on antibiotics later.

Cleaning your brushes

Although time consuming, cleaning your brushes at a minimum of once a month can keep your face clear and makeup fresh for much longer. It’s recommended to clean them every other week, so buy a brush spray to keep them sanitized in between deep cleanings. To keep your brush hairs from falling out, make sure to use luke-warm water and baby shampoo when cleaning them. Also, point the brush downwards when your running water on it. Hot water at the top of the bristles can loosen the glue on cheaper brushes and cause them to fall apart.

We are all makeup hoarders. Parting with the perfect shade feels a bit like a breakup. Think of it like a bad ex, you’re so much better off with something new and fresh!