Halloween Costumes You Can Pull Off With an Oversized T-shirt

For the past two years, I’ve thrown together Halloween costumes by investing in $4 t-shirts from the craft store. Let me tell you, it has been life changing. I get the comfort of an oversized cotton t-shirt (honestly feels like wearing your pajamas to a party) while looking cute, and I don’t end up spending so much money on a costume that I have to live off of ramen until next payday. If you enjoy the coziness of oversized clothing with the subtle, sexy touches of a whole lotta leg, these costumes are totally for you. Also, they are so easy and cheap to pull together last minute. It really takes zero effort to ball on a budget. You can be anything!


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No one will question what you are while dressed as one of these. Pretty straight-forward: just pick up the right color t-shirt and maybe add some touches with addition supplies like paint and markers. This is such a good way to get the whole girl gang involved, too!

Lilo from “Lilo and Stitch”

lilo.jpg  Via Wikia


This one is a classic, and is so easy to put together. I personally hand-painted the flowers on with puffy paint but you can also tape, draw or sew the details on! Partygoers near and far won’t be able to mistake who you’re dressed as for anything, especially if you’ve got a “Stitch”.

Mike Wazowski, Sully or Boo from “Monster’s Inc.”

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Great trio costume that also requires very little additional work. Fabric and puffy paints truly work miracles.

Winnie the Pooh and Palslols.jpg

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I mean, need I say more??

Kiki from “Kiki’s Delivery Service”


kiki-deliver05-243319d36d205bfc79231b19711c1751.jpgVia FathomEventsFullSizeRender.jpg

This one is for the Studio Ghibli lovers. I was able to put this entire costume together with under $10! BONUS: Cute cinnamon broom is $4 at Trader Joe’s.

The Powerpuff Girlsbb6416e452a4038ea213100170ed7499.jpg

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Another childhood classic brought back! This is just too adorable and easy to not do, especially if you and the squad are looking for some last-minute costumes.

\Most, if not all, of these costumes cost $10 or less, look adorable and require nothing more than an oversized t-shirt as the base. So get creative and have a spooky Halloween, collegiettes!