Feminist Books and Podcast Essentials for 2018


This year looks promising for women. With another successful Women’s March, momentum from the #MeToo Movement and a record number of women running for office it seems that 2018 is our year.

While we can triumph in our accomplishments, we must also note that Rome was not built in a day nor will equality be achieved in a year. One of the major steps we need to make as young feminists is to stay educated and cognizant of where we stand in the movement.

Part of my New Year’s goals was to read more feminist literature and stay current on the latest feminist podcasts. That being said, I have a series of recommended literature and podcast series for the young, empowered woman.

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1. Everyday Sexism

Laura Bates’ Everyday Sexism: the Project that Inspired a Worldwide Movement is an essential read for both women and men alike. Bates started a website called the “Everyday Sexism Project.” After countless women shared their testimonies, she cataloged it into a book. The project continues to thrive and each story sheds light on how sexism is still rampant. It reveals anything from microaggressions to heart-wrenching tales. I bought the book on a whim and finished it later that day. It speaks volumes on our society and genuinely feels like a safe place for women to share their stories and be heard. It’s the Feminine Mystique meets Chicken Soup for the Soul. What’s not to love?Via Book Castle

2. Men Explain Things to Me

My friend got this for me, and over winter break I finally had time to dive into it. What started out as Rebecca Solnit’s scathing essay on “mansplaining” developed into a remarkable novel. Each chapter consists of a different essay that explore a different side of the patriarchy. It’s a short read filled with honesty, wit and compelling arguments that are sure to incite the feminist in you.Via Witch Slapped

3. Bad Feminist

Similar to Men Explain Things to Me, Bad Feminist by Roxanne Gay is a series of essays that explores feminism through culture, gender and race. Her comical, witty writing is absolutely contagious and her unique perspective on anything from personal anecdotes to commentary on pop culture is insightful and entertaining. For those who find themselves at odds with the feminist movement at times, it’s an excellent read that unfolds the complexity of gender politics.

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Via 2ser

Now for those who prefer listening to podcasts over cracking open a book, fear not! There are plenty of podcasts I highly recommend to spruce up your daily commute.

1. Popaganda

A personal favorite of mine is Popoganda by Bitch Media. The hour-long podcast features a conversation between two editors of Bitch Magazine as they delve into diverse, intersectional issues. No matter how tough of a week it is for feminists, their proactive approach always seems to resonate and carry me through the week.Via By Amy Lam

2. The History Chicks

This podcast gives credit where credit is due. The insightful episodes look at remarkable women whose stories were erased or reduced by history. For those of us who aren’t history buffs, this podcast might sound like a turnoff. Fortunately, the fierce energy brought to each episode is anything but boring. Check it out and learn about all the incredible women our history books failed to mention.Via The History Chicks

3. The Soul Glo Project

This variety show by comedians Keisha Zollar, Anna Suzuki and Emily Schorr Lesnick celebrates intersectionality and inclusivity through humor. Each episode comically considers our society and undeniably proves that women are in fact funny.Via Hello Giggles

Whether you prefer to listen or read, this list is fit to accommodate all your feminist needs. So make sure you start your year off right because this year is ours and the best feminist is the well-informed one.