The 5 Best Places to Shop For Feminist Merchandise

By: Leila M

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In my last article for HerCampus, I talked about how companies are using feminism to exploit their consumers. The expansion of feminist agenda has led to companies selling the cause to target their consumers. The trendiness of feminist apparel has prompted companies like H&M and Forever 21 to spit out apparel catered to the empowered female as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, their merchandise and company values don’t always have much in common with the feminist platform. This rise in feminist apparel has forced feministas to beckon the question, “where should I, as a feminist consumer, buy merchandise to support the cause?” To which there is good news. Listed below are feminine-friendly websites to check out that will ensure you’ll look fierce AF while simultaneously contributing to the movement you believe in.


1. The Outrage

One of my personal favorites is The Outrage. The Outrage donates a portion of their sales to incredible organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union, Planned Parenthood, UN Women, Capital Pride Alliance, She Could Run, Black Lives Matter, National Organization for Women, 500 Women Scientists, Malala Fund, Human Rights Campaign Foundation, and the National LGBTQ Task Force. Right after the 2016 election, the company made a bold decision to donate 100% of their proceeds from their pantsuit line to Planned Parenthood. It’s a passionate organization with apparel that directly aligns with their mission statement; thus ensuring you get the best bang for your buck.  

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2. Feminist Apparel is another popular site getting more attention for their badass slogans and t-shirts. Fortunately, their profits are not ill-intentioned at they donate to a variety of fabulous causes. They’ve recently partnered with several non-profit organizations that allow a portion of your purchases to go to a charity of your choice. You can choose from organizations like the African American Policy Forum, Bust Magazine, the Center for Reproductive Rights, the Equality Institute, the Gena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, Hollaback!, and #ihadamiscarriage. Most of all, I love their emphasis on embracing intersectionality across feminism so that you can be the rebel with a cause that’s progressive and inclusive to all aspects of the feminist agenda.


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3. It’s Me and You

Another excellent site is It’s Me and You. In the wake of the election, It's Me and You made 100% of their profits from their feminist mechanise go directly to an Afternoon for You. This organization hosts workshops geared toward empowering and offering support to children and young women. These educational programs target women who are susceptible to discrimination during the next four years such as immigrant groups, low-income areas and those impacted by sexual violence. The organization aims to educate and empower young women through a holistic, nondiscriminatory lens.


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4. Cotton Bureau’s “Nastee” Collection

Cotton Bureau is also a great choice to satisfy your feminist needs. It has launched their latest “Nastee” collection with powerful shirts to show off your passion for equality. These shirts donate a portion of their proceeds to the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health, an organization with a platform that has done an exceptional job granting the Latina population a voice with the issues at hand.


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5. My Sister

Perhaps my favorite place to buy my feminist merchandise is My Sister. My Sister whose slogan is “Fighting sex trafficking one shirt at a time” uses their profits to educate, prevent, empower and provide help for those impacted by sex trafficking. It also offers help to communities at risk and prides themselves on their ethically made apparel and products. My Sister is a strong organization whose mission is so authentically real that your purchase is sure to be worthwhile.

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While this is only a small list of options to shop from it’s important to keep in mind the intentions companies have when selling us products. Nasty girls shop smart. Pussies grab back from the companies that exploit us. And fierce ladies know how important it is to wear the cause while supporting their fellow feministas.