Everyone Has An Enneagram Number: Here’s Yours As A Gif

Just when you thought you've taken all the personality tests to know about yourself more, another one pops up-- the Enneagram test. Unlike the Myer’s Briggs personality test and astrology, the enneagram is a model of the human psyche which is principally understood and taught as a typology of nine interconnected personality types. Instead of everyone having one exclusive personality type, enneagram explains that everyone has a basic type, a wing type, and even offers levels of development and health on each personality type. 

Your basic type is the personality type that you most resemble and inhibit naturally on a day to day basis. Though, the enneagram understands that everyone has a special mix of personality traits creating your wing type. 

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Your wing type is determined by one of the surrounding types of your basic type. This type is commonly known to sometimes directly contradict your basic type's traits but for this reason, is called "second side" of your personality. But for now, let’s focus on explaining your enneagram through some gifs.

1. Type One: The Reformer

Type ones are most comfortable in their routine. They value order, ethics, and organization in all things but also wish to improve they started with. Fearing failure, type ones hold high standards for themselves and usually consider themselves perfectionists. Ones naturally have a strong sense of wrong and right making them some of the wisest friends to have!

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2. Type Two: The Helper

Type twos are your ride or dies. No matter whatever it is, type twos will be there for you. They aim to please others by all means and subsequently act selflessly most of the time. Too generous for their own good, type twos will do just about anything to help ya out so make sure you let your type two friends know you appreciate them (they’ll love the gratitude)!

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3. Type Three: The Achiever

“Work” by Rihanna was written for type threes. They are ambitious and seek out the challenge in every minor task. Since their worst fear is being useless, type threes commonly are natural leaders and exude charm with an energetic persona at all times. In their eyes, every moment is a moment to shine and they're not letting anything go wrong on their watch. Game on!

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4. Type Four: The Individualist

Type fours are your emotional friends. They often cry a lot and if they say don't, they’re lying to you. Fours tend to wear their hearts on their sleeves, making them very empathetic and sensible. Being so self-aware helps fours be honest, creative, and personable to others. Every day is a rollercoaster for types fours but that’s what makes them unique!

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5. Type Five: The Investigator

Type fives are your quiet, but deadly friends. They are intelligent and innovative but also very secretive and isolated, leaving most people that may not know them to think of them as mysterious. Because of their inherent ability to be independent, type fives can sometimes get caught in the trance of overthinking. At their best, fives are visionaries and are able to see the world in a whole new way, so if you're ever in desperate need of another opinion on something, phone a five!

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6. Type Six: The Loyalist

Type sixes are worrywarts to-a-T (for their own good). Feeling most comfortable in knowing what to expect from certain situations, sixes are hardworking and committed at their healthiest. Without feeling secure, they can become stressed and cautious, planning their every step of the way. Sixes, though, will never leave ya hanging since they prioritize constant reassurance and security!

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8. Type Seven: The Enthusiast 

Sevens are a wild ride, they are spontaneous, playful and free-spirited people who ready for new adventures and experiences anytime. Types sevens seek out new things and are bored by the just day-to-day thing so if you ever need a pal to try out that new restaurant down the street, they're always down to tag along!

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9. Type Eight: The Challenger

Type eights are some of the boldest personalities in the enneagram. They are assertive and stand by everything they say and do since they are also known for their willfulness and need for confrontation. Never beat around the bush with a type eight because they! Just! Don't! Have! The! Time! Save the drama for ya mama as they say.

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9. Type Nine: The Peacemaker

Lastly, type nines are your local optimist. Type nine friends are your friends who typically want everyone to get along in the group and when things go south they get nervous. It's perfectly normal to want to try to avoid conflict in all areas of your life but type nines take that to heart in everything that they do. A type nine’s only wish is to maintain everyone and everything happy. So even if things have gone all wrong, find your nine friends to help ya pick out the positive even when there's barely any to be found!


So whether you're dramatic like a four or bold like an eight, all enneagram types have their special and unique quirks. Keep hustling and being you, collegiettes!