Coping with December Graduate FOMO

By: Courtney Boone

Ah, the end of spring semester. Campus is flooded with seniors taking Pinterest-worthy graduation photos and students are popping the bubbly. The end of senior year is something to be celebrated, but those of us who ended up on the December commencement schedule are faced with some serious graduation FOMO. We know our time is coming, but feeling left out makes senioritis peak to an all time new high.


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Grad cap photos are cute, okay? I’ve had my cap designed for the last year and I can’t wait for the day I can glitter it to my heart's content. In the meantime, I’ll sit here with my bottle of wine and scroll though everyone’s grad pictures on my social media feeds while I avoid my term paper. *cries*

Grad parties and celebrations

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Ending the school year in May has always felt natural. It’s warm and bright outside. People gather for barbecues and plan vacations. What’s not natural? School just ending right before the holidays. Life continues on as normal for students in the spring semester, even after you get your diploma and leave campus for good. It’s just a weird feeling of limbo (not the fun kind like the party game).

Watching your friends leave

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I am not emotionally prepared to watch half of my friends move on with the next stage of their lives while I’m stuck in class for another six months.

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Wishing you were done already

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Senioritis is kicking my butt, for real. It’s so frustrating to apply for a dream job, only to realize they need someone full time and you still have classes during the day. Patience is key. It’ll be your time soon enough and then adulting will hit you in the face. You’ll long for the days of centrally located housing and 11 am lectures.

Questioning every academic and schedule decision you’ve ever made

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Every time I see a post about how excited my friends are to almost be done with undergrad, part of my mind instantly questions why I wasted time with that elective class or my concentration that pushed my degree plan back. In the end though, I wouldn't change my program. I learned more in random elective classes than I did in most of my core classes and I found my love of forensic psychology. Just because you feel left out doesn't mean you should take the time you’ve had so far in undergrad, same goes for the time you have left.

Jokes on you May grads, I get to wear cute boots in my graduation photos and not sweat to death. ~cozy and fabulous~

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