Being an Extroverted Introvert, as Told by The Office

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What exactly is an extroverted introvert? Introverted extroverts love the idea of going out and crave intimacy and connection with people. They are extroverts at heart but have conflicting introverted tendencies that get in the way when it comes to making plans.

1. We’re outgoing, but we also really need alone time.

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It may be hard to understand how we introverts can be so torn between going out and staying in, but it really just depends on our “emotional battery”. If we’ve exerted a lot of energy in social interactions earlier in the day/week, it takes us a lot of time to recharge before we can feel comfortable socializing or going out again. It sometimes makes us feel like we’re separate from the introverts and extroverts.

2. We can get a phone call or text from a friend but we don’t answer, and it’s not because we don’t love them..

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In fact, it’s the opposite. You want to wait until you’re fully energized in order to make the most out of the phone call with your friend. It’s nothing personal!

3. One on one small talk is hard.

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Kevin says it all.

4. We sometimes feel overwhelmed at how many people are near us.

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It’s probably harder for you to concentrate if you’re studying at the Johnson Center or even Fenwick, and you’re probably more likely to want to study at a coffee shop. Northern Neck Starbucks anyone?

5. Although being alone is nice sometimes, we still can feel lonely.

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It can get hard knowing that we’ve chosen not to go out and have fun with others. FOMO in college is a very real thing, even as an introvert!

6. When our friends get hurt that we don’t want hang out, the pressure is put on us.

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What should we choose? Our friend’s happiness or our own mental health? Advice: Your mental health is important, and your friends should understand your decision.

7. But when we do hang out with our friends, we show them so much love and appreciation.

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When we spend time with our friends, we get to show them that we value their friendship, and would do ~anything~ for them.

It may seem overwhelming at times to be an extroverted introvert, so it’s always important to take the time for self-care and relaxation, especially when you’re in college.