7 Signs You’re Addicted to Your Planner

By: Courtney Boone

Face it collegiettes, we’d be lost without our planners. With twenty million things going on in a week, how else are we supposed to keep track of it all? My planner is frankly my child and I put so much time into researching for the perfect one. At least I know I’m not alone if you feel any of these too:

1. You have separation anxiety from it

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If I somehow leave my planner at home in the morning, my entire day is thrown off. Am I forgetting something?? Where am I supposed to be?? I can’t function properly.

2. People buy you planner related gifts

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You’re literally the easiest person to shop for. A pack of sticky tabs in coordinating floral patterns? Yes, please! There’s no excuse for gift cards anymore.

3. That feeling at the start of a new year when you get to set up your new one

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It’s truly a “new year, new me” with a planner that has yet to see the wrath of my assignments and coffee spill stains. It feels like a fresh start.

4. You get a cheap thrill out of new stickers

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Who says stickers are for five year old children? I will gladly put motivational stickers next to my gym schedule and exam reminders.

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5. You live for finding the perfect pen

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Finding the perfect pen is low-key a spiritual experience. It’s smooth, doesn't smudge and doesn't bleed through the pages. Suddenly everything is right in the world.

6. You thrive on organization in general

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If I want to keep my sanity, I need to have every part of my life written down. I rarely miss appointments and meetings because I can plan ahead and know what to expect each day. Yes, I am a type- A person in case you were wondering.

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7. You feel like you’re a happier person with your planner

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I’m a planner junkie and I’m proud of it. I love feeling like like I have my life together, no matter how sleep deprived I may be.

Flaunt your color coded pages, collegiettes! Be proud of your organizational skills!