6 Organization Tips for the New Year

Here we are! The start of a brand new year and semester. Although we always try to start off our year on the right foot, we all know how impossible it gets to keep up with our classes, clubs and social events. Our desks get messy, our rooms get messy and our ~life~ gets messy. Here are a few tips that will help you stay organized as we go into a new semester.

1. Sort everything by color.

I’m obsessed with pens! I’m also obsessed with color-coding my notes and planner. I’ve learned that color-coding actually improves my study habits as well as keep me motivated.

To organize my favorite pens, I use mason jars or unused coffee mugs. They’re a cheap, yet cute way to keep your pens close at hand!

2. Yes, you need those file folders.

You know those file folders at Target that you always pass and wonder, “What kind of person actually uses those?”.

Well, I’m that girl. I have over 20 file folders that I use to organize everything from my passport and travel documents, to random notes I find in my purse. It seems extreme, but it’s actually one of the most efficient systems I have. The other day, I needed my passport for a trip, and instead of rummaging through my entire house, I simply went over to my file sorter, picked up my travel folder and found my passport. It made getting ready for my trip SO much easier.

3. Place all your cables in one spot.

Remember when I said I use mugs to organize my pens? Well, here’s yet another use for those lonely mugs in your cupboard!

I keep all my random cables in there, including my headphones (which I would always lose before using this tip!)

4. Keep your tape in cute macaroon boxes.

I’m all for bullet journaling. But I had issues with where to keep my various washi tapes.

Until… I went to France and bought macaroons that were in the cutest boxes (that I obviously brought back to the U.S.). When I was unpacking, I realized that there was finally a place for my washi tape collection!

So, go out and treat yourself to some macaroons! You get dessert AND new desk supplies! Win-win, (win).

5. Use your notebooks.

I’ve found that notebooks help me stay more organized during the semester! I have separate notebooks for health, to-do lists and journaling, among many other topics.

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6. Get an aromatherapy diffuser and keep it on your desk.

This isn’t exactly an organizational tip, but it does help my overall productivity! I recently received an aromatherapy diffuser as a gift and it works WONDERS! When I’m working on a project or typing a paper, I put some peppermint or lemongrass essential oil inside and it helps me feel focused and (slightly) less stressed.

I hope you enjoyed these tips and have a more organized semester, collegiettes! ;)

*Photos by Alexa Garcia