6 Things You Should Try By Yourself At Least Once

Until recently, I always felt compelled to have company with me. I dreaded the idea of sitting by myself and endlessly planned my schedule around others.

Then I realized how ridiculous it was to be afraid of being alone.

Yes, it’s fun to do things as a couple or with your girl gang, but ~me~ time can be seriously therapeutic. Here are six things you should do by yourself at least once in your life to broaden your horizons and get to know yourself a little better:

1. Go to a movie

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Want to save money on your day off and go to a matinee showing? Do it. You don’t have to plan around someone’s schedule and the theater will probably be empty (aka you can be that person that puts their feet up without shame). If you quit reading here, at least do this once. Trust me. It’s actually really fun.

2. Eat at a fancy restaurant

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I used to pity the adults I saw eating out alone… now I envy them. You can splurge on what you really want and people watch or play on your phone to decompress. There’s no pressure for small talk and you can enjoy your meal at your own pace.

3. Go to a concert or show

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I have never been to a concert by myself and I realized that it gets expensive after a while. If you have different music tastes or really want to see a performer you love, then just go. Single resale tickets are some of the best-- you can usually find them closer to the stage and people will sell them for dirt cheap to get them off their hands since most people buy in pairs.

4. Take a class

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Always wanted to try a wine and paint bar? Take yourself on a date and pair it with your solo movie ticket. If you love it and want to go back, find a friend that you know would love it too! Try a fitness class like kickboxing or even pole dancing (it’s an amazing and empowering workout, tbh). The point is that you’re trying something purely for yourself.  

5. Visit museums and go sightseeing

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Tour groups are miserable. There, I said it. It’s great to have a guide to give you more information, but always take advantage of audio tours! Going to an art museum like the National Portrait Gallery or strolling around D.C. without shuffling at the pace of a group makes the experience way more fun. Take your time enjoying what you love and move past what doesn’t catch your interest. You’ll be able to see WAY more.

6. Travel

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There’s a Tumblr post that’s been circulating social media lately that says something along the lines of, “if you wait for someone to travel with you, you’ll never go.” I had barely left the east coast by the time I got on a plane to England with a group of girls I had only briefly met once before. The entire trip was a defining moment of my life and now I’ve caught the wanderlust bug. Take it one step further and go completely solo. Stay in hostels and make friends along the way. See what you want and ditch the itinerary.

Now if only you could just schedule a dentist appointment by yourself.