5 Reasons Women are on Birth Control Besides Pregnancy Prevention

We all know about the stigma that has always surrounded birth control. It is unfortunately assumed that if a woman wants to be on birth control then she must want to have sex all the time, right? I mean even if you do girl, no judgment here, more power to you. Growing up in a conservative area, I found this sort of stigma sort of omnipresent. There were often judgments made about a woman’s character based on the preventive measures she chose to take for her health and well being and I am sick and tired of these judgments. Personally, my choice to get on birth control was never about being sexually active and I know quite a few women that can say just the same. As a woman, you should never feel ashamed for looking out for your health and doing what is best for you. That being said, here are some other reasons why women are on the pill.

1. Acne

It is a known fact that the hormonal regulation of birth control provides relief to severe acne. The production of sebum, oil, produced by sebaceous glands which build up to cause acne can be regulated with birth control. Do your research as not all birth control will be a perfect fit.

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2. Regulation of the menstrual cycle

If you are someone who suffers from a heavy flow or irregular periods, then the use of birth control can aid in managing these issues to get you back on a normal cycle.

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3. Reducing the risk of anemia

The risk of anemia, more commonly known as iron deficiency, associated with heavy bleeding can be reduced by using birth control.

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4. Relieving symptoms of PMS

The stable and consistent levels of hormones that are in birth control can help to lessen the severity of symptoms such as cramps or irritability.

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5. Managing endometriosis

Endometriosis is a condition in which the lining of the uterus which is shed during menstruation is located in an abnormal area. This can lead to chronic pelvic pain and other issues in women affected. There is currently no cure for endometriosis but birth control can help in managing the pain associated with the disorder. #SpeakENDO

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Let’s recognize the power of taking your health into your own hands. Remember the importance of sexual health, collegiette!